I’ve run my own tiny shop helping big B2B, Saas, B2C and consumer brands, publishers, advertising agencies and startups develop and optimize product and marketing strategies, assets, content and reach. Projects have included:

  • GE: Data-driven content strategy, audience development, amplification and communications, thought leadership, digital and social media strategy.
  • Red Hat: Collab with global product, technical and partners enablement discovery strategy, content and product marketing.
  • Mars: Branded content, communications, content marketing, thought leadership, digital strategy.
  • ADP: Competitive analysis, data-driven personas, GTM, audience development, product marketing, enablement content, branded content and B2B digital multi-channel strategy for SMB product.
  • Blacture: Content and editorial strategy for a digital media startup @ Barbarian.
  • Hola Magazine: Digital content strategy, data insights, audience development, subscription base growth, workshops with publisher and editorial teams.
  • Flex: Partner marketing, thought leadership, communications, content strategy, publications and B2B audience development for IoT engineering, manufacturing and logistics. 
  • Infor: Communications, content, audience and content strategy for B2B campaigns.
  • IpSoft: GTM, B2B thought leadership, product marketing, communications strategy, branded content, amplification / audience development.
  • Kitt Allan: GTM for digital product and social for a fashion e-commerce startup.
  • TGR: Content + Editorial Strategy, Visual Storytelling, and UX strategies for Tiger Woods brand.
  • Shire: Research-driven competitive analysis, GTM, product marketing, communications, B2B experiential and enablement strategy for biotech startup.  



  • Led Social Media, Experiential, Social and Influencer Marketing Strategy for Ford’s luxury brand Lincoln.
  • Run multi-channel roadmap, social, content, branded content, UGC strategy and content marketing programs.
  • Established competitive landscape, social marketing programs, KPIs and analytics to collapse the social funnel.
  • Led C-suite partnership with Facebook and supported strategic partnerships towards joint content marketing programs.
  • Reported to Global CSO leading strategic roadmap, social media, social brand and content marketing.


  • Led Content Strategy, Content Marketing and Audience Development for marquee B2B, Saas and fintech clients.
  • Created and led GTM, Amplification and Communications strategies and campaigns.
  • Worked with Intelligence and Analytics on quantitative research and qualitative analysis for growth and engagement campaigns. 
  • Devised research-driven audience insights and engagement planning.
  • Developed influencers, digital publications, and multi-channel content marketing strategies.
  • Created Best Practices for Digital Content, Social Media and Visual Storytelling for the content studio and content marketing team.
  • Developed digital publications, audience development, influencer and multi-channel content strategy and campaigns for consumer brands.
  • Developed content marketing, product marketing, enablement materials, partner marketing campaigns, thought leaderships and narratives for B2B, Saas and fintech clients.

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